About Me

Hi! I’m LISA. Thanks for stopping by. I love books. Long before I ever started selling books, I was at every Goodwill, thrift store and online shop you could imagine grabbing Caldecott award winners, books from UK publishers, and well illustrated new finds that encouraged my kids as they started to understand words, colors, shapes, and stories.

Reading for me is a pastime I fondly hold dear to my heart. I believe literacy plays a big role in every one of our lives. I was an ESL teacher for second-language learners and parents were constantly asking me how to improve pronunciation and vocabulary retention. My answer. Read to your kids. Have them read out loud to you. My oldest’s first grade teacher had them read for a minimum of 20 minutes a day. These books were on their level, encouraging them in skills they already had, to build their confidence. I noticed a difference right away in my son’s writing, imagination, and his focus.

My hope is that this simple little website helps guide you in the direction of your favorite books. I’m here to help, not sell you books. For me, reading is my love and writing is my second love so my hope is that a few blogs, a few books, and maybe a discount or two will help you and your family fall in love with reading too! Questions? Feel free to message me anytime!